Help us make positive changes...

Built on a philosophy that places priority on our clients and the environment we build in, Summit Homes is dedicated to designing high-quality, timeless spaces that are relevant from generation to generation. 

While known for designing and building high-quality Active Adult communities in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have recently expanded our focus to include residential and light commercial building and restoration. Each new-design build embraces the latest technology in energy efficiency while utilizing recycled building materials such as reclaimed lumber and natural stones and slate. This blend of old with new creates a space that is both unique and efficient.


Summit Homes recognizes that any construction has a large carbon footprint, yet new building will continue as the population increases. That is why we are committed to building high-quality spaces with high-quality products produced by smart, caring, environmentally conscious manufacturers whose goods last longer and stand stronger than others. It is this commitment that we bring to each and every build.